Dear friends, admirers and colleagues of Mestre Camisa Roxa,

we are currently organizing yet one more homage event to remember the great Mestre Camisa Roxa. To this end, we invite all capoeiristas from around the world to host rodas in homage to Mestre Camisa Roda, preferably on Thursday January 7th, 2016 (the day of Mestre Camisa Roxa’s birthday) or during that same week.

The Idea: each person hosting a roda, should record it, include a message, spoken or written telling the name of the host city, date and expressing their gratitude to Mestre Camisa Roxa
(please send in any videos from last year as well, if you haven’t done so already).


Our goal is to create a documentary about Mestre Camisa Roxa, and we’d like to have everyone’s collaboration. Please post your video on facebook:

Through this initiative, we’d like to remember and pay homage to Mestre Camisa Roxa, uniting the capoeira world, as it always was his wish (even if we can do it at least for a day).


Valdo Silva Carneiro e Silva (son of Mestre Camisa Roxa )


Mestre Camisa Roxa (Edvaldo Carneiro e Silva – 01/07/1944 – 04/18/2013) was considered Mestre Bimba’s best student. He is “Grão Mestre” (Grand Master) of ABADÁ-Capoeira, an honorary life-long title granted by a committee of esteem Mestres. His role was to provide advice, considering this title is the highest one in ABADÁ-Capoeira. Mestre Camisa Roxa was regarded as the person who contributed the most to the expansion of capoeira throughout the world, traveling to more than 50 countries, disseminating capoeira as Brazilian art and culture.